Video: Massive Explosion Rocks Shell Oil Production Plant

A small fire at Shell Moerdijk caused a red glow in the air that concerned local residents on Wednesday night. According to the fire department, the red glow was caused by flaring, which they used to get the small fire quickly under NetNewsLedger - Explosion at Shell Chemical Plant in Jun 04, 2014 Shell’s Moerdijk Cracker Still Down After Blaze Nov 17, 2015 Explosions MSPO2 Shell Moerdijk - Onderzoeksraad

The public prosecution department says Shell should pay the maximum fine of €2.4m for the explosion on the Moerdijk industrial estate in 2014 and a further €250,000 for not taking immediate action to halt the leak of a dangerous gas in 2016.. Shell should pay …

Explosion, Fire Rocks Shell Oil Plant In The Netherlands A series of explosions rocked a Shell Oil plant in Moerdijk, Netherlands, Tuesday, sending a plume of fire and smoke into the night sky, according to the BBC.There were only two minor injuries, according to a BBC reporter, but the smoke itself may have been toxic. HazardEx - Dutch public prosecutor to sue Shell for

Jun 04, 2014

Dutch public prosecutor to sue Shell for explosion and toxic gas leak at Moerdijk plant. 04 March 2019. The Dutch Public Prosecution Service announced on March 1 it would prosecute Royal Dutch Shell for an explosion in 2014 at its Moerdijk petrochemical plant and for the release of tonnes of carcinogenic ethylene oxide from the site in 2015 and 2016. The petrochemical complex has nearly tripled its capacity over the years to 5.4 million tonnes per year in 2013 and remains a key asset to Shell globally. Shell today announced that its Moerdijk petrochemical complex has clocked 40 years of production. Moerdijk made headlines on January 5, 2011, because of a large fire at Chemie-Pack (a firm processing numerous chemicals) causing a large cloud of toxic smoke to blow over the surrounding area, mostly to the north of Moerdijk. The Port of Moerdijk had the honour of being the first area in the Netherlands to receive a new BREEAM certificate for the Port and Industrial Estate of Moerdijk. BREEAM-NL Area 2018 is a new assessment guideline that assesses the sustainability performance of existing areas. A large-scale fire raged at the Shell site in Moerdijk, Brabant last night after an explosion in a disused reactor. Mayor Jac Klijs reports that two people have been injured. According to the municipality, the area is now safe, and the fire has