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The DNS server used to connect to a website is also made known to that site. This means the site can compare the location encoded in an IP address and the location of the DNS server. If these don’t match, it indicates that something is amiss. If you try to access Netflix with an IP/DNS mismatch, you guessed it, you will be blocked. Sep 02, 2017 · To start, go to Smart DNS Proxy website. Go to the “ How to Setup ” tab on the top of the homepage. On the tab page, you will find a list of query boxes. Specify the device or the number of devices you want to unblock Netflix on. Apr 29, 2020 · ExpressVPN is the most reliable option. If offers fast speeds and a 30 day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk free. Smart DNS provider Unblock-Us has come up with a way to bypass the Netflix proxy ban. We took advantage of their 7-day free trial to see for ourselves.

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2019-3-29 · Create an account with a Smart DNS Proxy Server provider. Providers of a Smart DNS Proxy server service will typically offer users a free trial which will turn into a paid service after a specific amount of time. A free trial with a Smart DNS Proxy service will still allow you to unblock regional restrictions set by Netflix… How to unblock Netflix UK via Smart DNS – CyberGhost VPN Unblocking Netflix UK has never been more easy with My Smart DNS. Regardless of the device in question that you may be using(as long as DNS settings changes are supported) implement the corresponding DNS server for Netflix UK(listed in the CyberGhost Account Dashboard) and enjoy unlimited Streaming capabilities.

So if you don’t need any security, and just want to watch things like the BBC, ITV, Hulu and Netflix then try Smart DNS out. There’s quite a few out there, but only one that currently can unblock US Netflix successfully and that’s below.

The largest state internet company, Telkomcell attempted to block Netflix in 2016, however due to popular outrage (and probably due to the fact that competing non-state companies were getting a lot more subscriptions because Netflix wasn’t banned Jul 08, 2020 · Unblock-US is good at bypassing geo-restricted content when watching Netflix, Hulu and other streaming video services. But it is not user-friendly. Unblock-US for streaming is not a VPN and even not a proxy. Technically, it does not change an IP-address, as well as it does not create a VPN tunnel or encrypts bandwidth.