Keep Specific Android Apps from Updating Behind Your Back. You may also like. Auto-update is a hugely convenient feature when you want all of your apps to be right up to date, all of the time

How to Safely Install Updated APK Files On Android Feb 08, 2018 Updating India - Apps on Google Play Jul 06, 2020 How to Turn Off Automatic App Updates on Android, iPhone

Method 1 Updating Android Apps Manually. Connect to Wi-Fi. Locate the Google Play Store on your Android device. Open the Play Store. Touch the Menu icon, which looks like three horizontal bars stacked on top of each other.

Apps that are restricted from using Cellular Data for background activities will not be refreshing or updating in the background while you are connected to a cellular network. However, once you move to an area covered by WiFi, these apps will start their compulsive background activities and update using the less expensive (or Free) WiFi data. How Do I Update Apps on Android?

How to Safely Install Updated APK Files On Android

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