Turkey: Turkish lira (TRL) It is always advisable when traveling in a foreign country to convert some of your cash into the local currency. Local ATMs at your European destination will also provide you with a decent exchange rate if you need to draw from your account at home.

Jul 18, 2020 Using Money in Turkey : Travel Guide by the Turkish Travel What is the Currency of Turkey? The currency is Turkish Lira, and this is recognized by the symbol, although you may still see some places using the old abbreviation of TL, and banks, credit card companies may also use TRY. Known as the new Turkish lira, it replaced the old currency that automatically made everyone a millionaire. List of currencies in Europe - Wikipedia There are 25 currencies currently used in the 50 countries of Europe, all of which are members of the United Nations, except Vatican City, which is an observer. All de facto present currencies in Europe, and an incomplete list of the preceding currency, are listed here.. A currency is a medium of exchange, such as money, banknotes, and coins. In Europe, the most commonly used currency is the Money and Costs in Turkey - Lonely Planet The Turkish lira is weak against Western currencies, and you will probably get a better exchange rate in Turkey than elsewhere. The lira is virtually worthless outside Turkey, so make sure you spend it …

XE: Convert TRY/USD. Turkey Lira to United States Dollar

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Turkey’s currency is tanking and President Erdogan is

What currency is used in Turkey | Turkish Lira Currency Question: What currency is used in Turkey. Answer: The local currency used in Turkey is the Turkish Lira. If you are planning to travel to Turkey for your holiday or business trip then using the local Turkish currency Turkish Lira is always the best option. At present Turkey is not part of the European Union and therefore the Euro currency is the not the main local currency of Turkey. This also applies to Northern … What currency to take to Turkey - Istanbul Forum - Tripadvisor Jul 21, 2020 What currency to take to Turkey - Istanbul Forum - Tripadvisor