Jul 16, 2019

In order to connect your WD My Cloud device to our VPN you will have to enable SSH on your device and perform the following steps while connected via SSH. Made on WD My Cloud EX2. FW version: 2.30.165. 1. Connect to your device by typing in its IP address into your browser. 2. WD My Cloud Remote Access | Steps to Enable Router UPnP To access WD My Cloud remotely, you have to enable Dashboard Cloud Access. Similarly, you have to turn ON your router’s UPnP. After enabling these options, you can access the WD My Cloud remotely. Make sure to gather the external IP address of your router by referring to the router’s network configuration section. I can't 'configure' Plex for my WD My Cloud Home. A

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Through the My Cloud dashboard I setup a static IP in the router’s range (at the suggestion of WD) but it was still not recognized. I opened the router’s dashboard and went into Settings -> Broadband -> Link configuration and enabled LAN Subports (as suggested by Sonic customer support). I reset the router power. This did not work. I then Dropbox, and other public cloud accounts using WD's free My Cloud apps. Increase your personal cloud capacity -- Simply attach a compatible USB 3.0 hard drive directly to one of the two USB expansion ports on the My Cloud Mirror drive and instantly expand your storage capacity. Mar 23, 2014 · The My Cloud EX2 looks very different compared to its 4-bay brethren but very similar to the WD My Cloud (though about twice its size). WD used their existing My Book design ID for this particular unit. The body consists of a sleek black plastic shell, with a matte inlay that wraps around from the front to right side. Oct 22, 2017 · I installed the apps on my iPad and iPhone WD My Cloud Mobile App and WD Photos WD Photos-----One can view directory structure and view thumbnails of files in folders. One cannot view file names except in the search function - or I missed it. The software does not display thumbnails for tiff or psd.

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Oct 12, 2013 · The name of WD's new Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit is an attempt to tap into the new-found consumer enthusiasm about cloud computing or, in other words, storing stuff online. Add 8TB of USB 3.0 cloud storage to your Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device in a 2 x 4TB configuration with the My Cloud Home Duo 8TB 2-Bay Personal Cloud NAS Server from WD. The My Cloud Home Duo provides a one-stop solution for saving digital content, backing up photos and videos on your phone, and wirelessly backing up and syncing your Apps Package is a small package management system that designed for the My Cloud OS3 NAS devices. We refer to Add-ons in the document as Apps. As you can see by the below image, the UI refers to Add-ons as Apps. The SDK v2.0 provides basic functions to control packages. These controls are: install, remove, start, and stop. Mar 02, 2015 · The WD My Cloud DL4100 is designed for SMB use and that often equates to users running Microsoft Office files from the system directly. These could be in the form or Word, Powerpoint, Excel and so on.