The original UDP datagram included 2992 bytes of application (UDP payload) data and 8 bytes of UDP header, resulting in an IPv4 Total Length field value of 3020 bytes (IP header is 20-byte). When this datagram was fragmented into three packets, 40 extra bytes were created (20 bytes for each of the newly created IPv4 fragment headers).

Mar 15, 2004 F1® 2020 | UDP Specification Jul 05, 2020 The field size sets a theoretical limit of 65,535 bytes (8 byte header + 65,527 bytes of data) for a UDP datagram. However the actual limit for the data length, which is imposed by the underlying IPv4 protocol, is 65,507 bytes (65,535 − 8 byte UDP header − 20 byte IP header ). IP was designed with its maximum packet size because it was fast and easy to use a 16-bit number for the packet size. IPv4 has a 20 to 60 octet header that you must subtract from the packet size. IPv6 has a 40 octet header, and possible option headers. A transport protocol, such as UDP or TCP is the payload of the network protocol. Since no UDP packet is guaranteed, if you receive a UDP packet, the largest safe size would be 1 packet over IPv4 or 1472 bytes. Note -- if you are using IPv6, the maximum size would be 1452 bytes, as IPv6's header size is 40 bytes vs. IPv4's 20 byte size (and either way, one must still allow 8 bytes for the UDP header). The size of an IP packet includes IP headers but excludes headers from the link layer. In the case of an Ethernet frame this adds an overhead of 18 bytes, or 22 bytes with an IEEE 802.1Q tag for VLAN tagging or class of service. The MTU should not be confused with the minimum datagram size that all hosts

UDP Packet Size UDP over IP has a total header length of 32 bytes (12 bytes for UDP, and 20 bytes for IP). To change the UDP packet size, in the Windows Registry:

Why UDP_TX_PACKET_MAX_SIZE have 24 bytes? Jan 18, 2014 UDP Communication and MTU/MSS Size - Cisco Community UDP Communication and MTU/MSS Size PC A has a 1500 byte MTU size and 1460 byte MSS size. PC A needs to send 9000 byte of data to PC B. PC B has a 1400 byte MTU (I am not 100%, but I heard MTU size can be changed) size and obviously 1360 byte MSS size.

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