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My Facebook Friend is asking for money or personal information (i.e., phone numbers, addresses, friends' names) through Facebook. Someone might be using your Friend's account to conduct a phishing scam― posing as your friend in order to solicit your personal information.

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM: Online Spying & Identity Theft. Over 70 people-search websites sites publish & sell your personal information. Be proactive, do … Facebook signs users up to privacy policy that allows it Facebook privacy settings you should know about 1/6 Change who sees your posts. Anything you post on Facebook - from a status update to a photo - can be given its own privacy setting. Stop Facebook from spying on you: 7 easy steps to get

A timeline of Facebook's privacy issues — and its responses

It's battling Google, Facebook and other tech conglomerates — including the ones that provide nearly all of Mozilla's revenue. Tech has become a villain, and Mozilla has sought to appoint itself hero, animated by a pressing fear that if it doesn't fix the internet, doesn't bring back an era of privacy and openness and community, maybe no one Internet Privacy Prank - YouTube Apr 03, 2014 Facebook security and privacy issues revealed | CSO Online