Captured photos are black when using MediaCapture on Windows Phone 8.1. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 2 months ago. Active 5 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 442 times 1. I am using MediaCapture to capture photos and store them. It works in the emulator. But wh

6/04/2015 · In Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 the way to use a WCF Service is relatively easy, you only need to add a Service Reference then call the generated functions defined in the WCF Service in the code-behind. Windows Phone 8.1 is Microsoft's update to the Windows Phone 8 OS. At present the OS has not formally been announced yet, but appears to include a number of significant enhancements, and also a very large number of smaller features. See our latest articles on the operating system below. Windows Phone 8.1 introduces a new notification center, along with a set of capabilities developers can use to manage toast notifications through local API calls or by using push. Through these APIs and mechanisms, an app can manage the toast notifications they send to users. Operations include add, remove, replace, and expire. All notification classes are in the Windows.UI.Notifications 8/05/2020 · Now, connect your Windows phone to the computer using USB or Wi-Fi. Type the pairing codes to connect, Go to the extracted folder (adb) Now Press Shift + Right-Click to open the command prompt Make sure your Windows phone is connected via USB or wifi: Now type adb devices in the command prompt. and then press Enter to run it. 23/10/2017 · The phone needs to be connected to a PC via USB, unlocked, and in airplane mode to use the updater. The Windows 10 Mobile -- or Windows Phone 8.1 -- device needs to be connected to a PC via USB

c#, xaml, windows-phone-8.1, win-universal-app You need to yield control to the UI thread to give it a chance to display the progress indicator.

21/04/2014 · Windows Phone 8.1 was released to developers on April 14, 2014. Although it’s a 0.1 OS update, Microsoft has made hundreds of small changes throughout, improving everything from typing to phone Why is Microsoft ending support for Windows Phone 8.1 for commercial customers, particularly with so many businesses still using Windows Phone 8.1? How do I prevent a user from upgrading his/her Windows Phone 8.1 device to Windows 10 Mobile? Is there a di

16/10/2019 · In a recent update to its support page, Microsoft announced it will shut the Windows Phone 8.1 Store on December 16. News of its impending closure was first reported by Softpedia .

Explore the built-in mobile device management client in Windows Phone 8.1 that lets you manage the handsets with the mobile device management system of your choice. 1/12/2015 · Follow the below steps to know How to install Google Chrome for Windows Phone 8, 8.1, 10. Download the standalone installer of Google Chrome for Windows Phone from above link. Open it in your Windows Phone and wait for some time until it gets installed. Once it is installed, click on the app to open it. 2/07/2019 · Microsoft ended support for Windows Phone 8.1 back in July of 2017, so handsets haven't been getting new security updates or other fixes since then. It's almost the end of the era for Microsoft's