T-Mobile has no 5G hotspots, and it has said that as it converts Sprint's network to T-Mobile 5G, Sprint's 5G Hub hotspot will become 4G. That makes the Galaxy phones the best 5G hotspot choice right now for the new T-Mobile. Verizon 5G hotspots are screwed up by a service plan problem.

5 Best Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps for Android Smartphones | TechWiser Aug 23, 2019 Best Tethering Apps for Android - AptGadget.com If you are looking for a tethering app to turn your Android device into a mobile hotspot, the below are the most effective options available. ClockworkMod Tether. ClockWorkMod’s app offers a USB tether solution for Android that can be used with the main desktop operating systems: Windows, Mac … Best Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps for Windows 10

Jun 11, 2020

Mar 02, 2020 · Foxfi is a pretty Popular app and probably the best app for bypassing the lock mobile carrier put on tethering on their smartphones. However, it is placed 5th because of compatibility issues. The app only works on smartphones with Android 7.0 Nougat and lower so if you have a newer Android device running Android 8.1 Oreo, 9.0 Pie or 10.0 Q then

The best mobile hotspot plans right now (July 2020) Mobile hotspots, either in standalone devices or included as a feature in smartphones, let people share their connection to a carrier's cellular

Drastically speed up your Android phone's hotspot with Drastically speed up your Android phone's hotspot with this simple setting. Whether you're on 5G or 4G, changing one Android setting can make a big difference.