This mod adds in the Cloak Pilot's Armor from Titanfall 2 In detail: The Cloak Suit (colorable) for BOTH MALES AND FEMALES The Cloak Suit Helmet (colorable) for BOTH MALES AND FEMALES The Cloak Suit Jumpkit for Torso Deco for BOTH MALES AND FEMALES

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this is a Titanfall 2 role-play. message me to tell what faction, pilot and titan you are. Main Factions: IMC- the tyrannical company that rules over the colonies Militia- The Resistance. Sub Factions: SRS: Militia, Special Recon Squad. ARES Division: IMC Advanced Research. Minor Factions: Vinsion Dynamics- Advanced Robotics Company Pilot Fundamentals (Multiplayer) - Titanfall 2 eGuide

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