If the website is still loading, Reboot your device. The considerable advantage of blocking websites on Android using hosts file is that the site is blocked on the system level. No VPN service can unblock it, and the user has to manually remove the address of a site from the hosts’ file. 6. Using a Router

How to Block or Unblock Pop-ups on Microsoft Edge Browser May 09, 2020 How to visit blocked websites on your Android smartphone or Nov 22, 2015 How to Block Websites on Android (4 Methods)

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{working100%} How to Unblock Blocked Sites in Android Phone There you will get all the Installed apps List of your phone, after that if you want to Browse a blocked site then select Chrome or any Other Browser, Which you were installed in your android phone After that, it will pre-selected the country of US, keep it as it is, and just click on the open option.

How To Unblock Blocked Sites In Android Phone - Critical Method

Aug 15, 2014 How to open blocked sites on Android: Step By Step Guide Jan 05, 2015 Unblock websites for Android - Free download and software Unblock websites helps you to unblock websites which are blocked in specific networks and also unblock websites that are blocked in specific counties. Unblock websites for Android. Free