Drive: Select a network drive letter from the drop-down list to map to WebDAV service. Name : Provide a name for the connection. URL : Enter the IP address or hostname of your Synology NAS.

How to Mount remote folders from another NAS in QNAP - NAS Dec 21, 2019 Mapping a Network Drive on Your Windows 10 PC - dummies If you find yourself accessing a shared network folder all the time, consider mapping that folder to a drive letter in your PC’s mass storage system. Just follow these steps: Press Win + E to open a File Explorer window. In Windows 10, choose This PC from the left side of the window. This step isn’t necessary […]

(replace with the actual IP-address of your network drive) Mount the new drive: sudo mount /home/pi/mynetworkdrive; Reboot your Raspberry PI: sudo reboot (just to make sure… maybe not necessary) Launch the Raspberry PI file manager and browse to /home/pi/mynetworkdrive, et voila!

mapping network drives on a qnap NAS vpn | Computer Aid Sep 03, 2012

If a mapped network drive wasn't reconnected, any program that tries to access resources on the mapped network drive fails. When you create a mapped network drive, there is an option 'Reconnect at logon' which you can check so that every time …

Mount a network drive on a Qnap from another NAS Press “ ” and choose “Create remote connection”. 2. QNAP NAS drives unmappable - Microsoft® Community Jul 29, 2010 Map network drive from Qnap TS-431P NAS, error code Feb 04, 2018