Data logging is the unpleasant and invasive practice of storing logs of users’ internet activity. While it may be commonplace for government agencies and even ISPs, it has no place in a VPN’s service agreement. True to the nature of their business, Spotflux never keeps any …

Spotflux Review 2020: Is Your Privacy Worth Selling for Free? Jan 13, 2020 Experiencing slow Wi-Fi speeds | TELUS Support 9. If possible try the speed test over a wired connection to determine if the issue is related to the internet entering the home or is a specific Wi-Fi issue. 1. If testing a speed using a wired connection and you have speeds significantly slower than your plan better give us a call. 10.

Spotflux slowed downloads by 5.4 percent, which is again in the middle of the pack. Except for PureVPN A$4.00 at PureVPN AU and AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite; these services actually improved

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Dec 27, 2017

Officially launched in March 2012 at South by Southwest, spotflux is devoted to protecting your digital privacy and security anywhere and on any device. Our tiny, but powerful product not only encrypts your internet traffic, it also performs millions of cloud-based, real-time calculations to remove tracking cookies and viruses without slowing