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Nov 26, 2016 · To prevent it from recovering,it is importance to protect private Snapchat pictures, messages, videos, photos, notes, etc. by using a competent Snapchat history eraser like iMyFone iPhone Eraser when deleting your files, this is because most deleted files on iPhone can be traced back or recovered if the file is not deleted appropriately with Jul 16, 2020 · Part 2. How to Delete Snapchat History There are two ways you can implement to clear Snapchat history. One way is: Delete Snapchat History with the App Itself Find a complete guide to deleting Snapchat history in this subsection. These include your chats, friends list, and the entire account. Jul 13, 2019 · Guide to delete Snapchat History so that you leave no traces of chat history or any other details.. Snapchat, known as the photo messaging application where in which the uploader of photo, video or text has control on how long does the photograph or video should be available to recipients. Jul 25, 2019 · Deleting Snapchat History using iCareFone Cleaner If you were doing this for the purpose of removing junk files from your device, then you are not done, yet. Although the chat history is gone, there are still many junk files left by the app on your device.

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Your search history isn't available right now. Check back later How to remove recent search history. Now, let’s see how to clear recent search history on Snapchat. Go to your Snapchat app and tap the setting icon (looks like a gear) in the Profile screen. Scroll down and tap “Clear Search History”. Select “Okay” to clear your search history. By doing this, you can remove all your search history.

Delete a saved thread: With a long press, Snapchat lets you save text communications with your …

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